Q: Since we do not know what our brother or sister needs, is it possible that the Holy Spirit would guide us to say and do things that others would react vehemently to, such as You did when You yelled and got angry at the moneychangers? Is it true that we can’t put a lid on how the guidance of the Holy Spirit would sound or look?


A: By its very nature, the guidance of the Holy Spirit comes from beyond the realm of ideas and perceptions that the mind identifies itself with. If you think of a room in a house as being where you normally abide, you know all the furniture, you’ve identified it all, you’ve defined it, it’s under your control. In such a room, when you go to access the answer for a problem or a situation that has arisen, you can only go to what you already know.

That is what the egoic mind tries to do, even when it begins to receive into its “room” new ideas – spiritual ideas, metaphysical ideas, religious ideas, magical mean ideas. It still is in the realm of the known and so, when a situation comes up, it rummages around the room looking for something it knows is already there. And it looks for what it thinks will be the device, the word, the phrase, the action, that is the right thing. But this is the very same thing as saying that you already know what you need to say or do. But you do not have that knowledge in the room in which the ego lives.

That space or channel, that we spoke of earlier, through which Love can inform your decisions, requires that you recognize it is beyond the context of the room that you’re used to living in. The mind, as you know it – your daily mind – can operate only in a closed universe of what it already knows.

And therefore, in a given situation, the Holy Spirit may have said to you, Take this homeless brother into your house and fix him a good meal. And so, you’ve done it. Now, ten years later, there is another homeless man outside your door. You rummage around in the past, and you see that once you brought this person in and you fed him, Oh, this must be the solution because this is my “homeless person” tape. I just pulled it out of my dresser drawer in my egoic mind.

And then you set about to act on that and you discover that that homeless man steals everything in your house. You’ve forgotten that there was a time when a homeless man appeared and you didn’t know what to do. You let go of everything you thought you knew and you asked in prayer. This same way of not knowing is the ultimate state of Knowing. Knowing that the egoic mind does not know is the source of powerful Knowing.

Therefore, could it be the case that the Holy Spirit would guide you to say or do something that might cause others to act, or react, vehemently? Indeed, beloved friends – yes! But remember this: the Holy Spirit’s guidance is not what is causing another to react vehemently. Their own mind causes that, because they are not committed to healing and to Love. Any reaction that is not the extension of Love must be fear, and nothing else. Any form of attack or judgment can come only from fear, and not from Love.

Therefore, when I felt guided to approach the moneychangers in front of my Father’s holy temple, I was not guided to say: Excuse me, could we have a slight conference here? I would like to express a slight opinion, and of course, you’re totally free to do what you will, because you’re actually very powerful, rich beings and I am just a lonely Essene. But if you’d just give me a minute, I’d just like to share my thought.

No. I was guided to move with great power, to literally act in the ways that some would call violence – not that I hurt anybody, but I overturned their tables and I yelled deeply that, “You have made my Father’s house a den of thieves!”

Now, that got their attention. Why? Because the Holy Spirit saw that those minds engaged in those activities could respond only to a powerful energy, since they idolized power, itself. They were always putting themselves in the position of having more power than the people who came to the temple. So, what was required was someone who put themselves in a greater source of power and demonstrated that the moneychangers were not as powerful as they thought. They couldn’t imagine, before that moment, that anybody would upset their apple cart. But through that act, it began to create what you might call a rattle in their mind and their being as their reality was shaken up a bit. And some of them began to ponder what it was that they were doing with their lives.

Now, if I was attached to my own safety, if I was attached to being liked, I would not have allowed that expression of the Holy Spirit to be made manifest. And that is what far too many in your world tend to do: Oh, if I say what just came to my mind, I may not be liked. But I’m really committed to being liked, while pretending to live a spiritual life. But indeed, beloved friend, the way of Atonement, the way of service, is not a popularity contest.

Therefore, indeed, precious friend, understand well, you have no idea what your brother or sister needs – from a gentle kiss on the cheek to a swift kick in the ass. But if you are committed to Love, to innocence, to freedom, to trust, and if you choose to access the perfect freedom of your channel of communion with God, and not to react from the egoic mind, then you will be guided as you need to be. And as you choose to fulfill that purpose, you have fulfilled your own pathway into the depths of knowing God.

So, yes, the Holy Spirit is not a namby-pamby, strawberry jelly kind of energy. The Holy Spirit is committed to one thing: the Atonement. The Atonement occurs when illusions are shattered. The Holy Spirit knows what is required. And what is required may not always, shall we say, meet the approval of the social world in which you find yourself. But those afraid to rattle the cages of others are simply afraid. This means they run their life by fear and are more committed to their comfort or safety, which is to be committed to the insanity of the ego, and not to the freedom of Christed Consciousness.

Does that help with that question?

Response: Very much so.

Jeshua: Now, I’m not saying there is not an art involved in that. The degree to which you enact the suggestion of the Holy Spirit comes from your willingness to save not one love for yourself – to be unattached, to recognize that you are the student of the Holy Spirit. You see? Which is, of course, the cultivation of self-love.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 37

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Q: How do I not keep one love for myself and yet continue loving myself?

A: Indeed, beloved friend, it is a question well asked about a very subtle, but important, point as one comes to live a fully Christed Life. When I said not to keep one love for yourself, I was indicating that the egoic mind looks upon forms of any kind, whether it be person, place, or thing, and projects its love onto it, and then misperceives it as a source of Love.

There is nothing outside of you that serves as a source for Love. One of the great tricks of the mind, in the human experience, is that when the mind experiences Love, it forgets that it is experiencing It because it is making a decision to do so. It believes, then, that something outside of itself has had the power to change its own state. But this is not so. Therefore, those “loves” become attachments. They are idols. And that would be another word to use for the love that you should not keep for yourself.

Make not an idol of that through which you’ve experienced Love. Make not an idol of the great physical lover who gives you ten thousand orgasms in a single night – hmm? Do not keep that love for yourself. Do not seek to possess that one for your own selfish reasons. Do not seek to possess the money that comes to you and to hoard it up in barns to save against a rainy day. For that will only insure that you will experience a rainy day.

Keep not one love for yourself. How, then, can you experience self-love if you’re not keeping one love for yourself? Beloved friend, the answer is just the opposite. How can you experience self-love when you are caught up in trying to possess the loves that you would see as outside of yourself? Self-love requires surrendering attachment to the illusions that you have formed about those things – persons, places, or things – that you think are sources of Love. Think about it. It’s a hundred-and-eighty-degree turn.

You do not love yourself, you see, by bringing more of the things into your life that you say you love. That is a great mistake. If you say, Oh, I absolutely love shoes. You will then see that “shoeness” is a source that has a magical power that can trigger a change of heart and mind in you. And you will then take the dollars that flow to you, and every time your energy drops, you’ll think, “Oh, shoes!” And you’ll run out and you’ll buy yet another pair to get a temporary fix.

You will think you have loved yourself by giving the things to yourself that you think you love. That is not truly self-love, although it is a great beginning point when working with someone who is totally insane; that is, totally caught up in egoic consciousness – so much so that they won’t even allow themselves to enjoy their egoic state of consciousness. It is very wise, then, to say to one, “Oh, you like ice cream? Very well, give yourself total permission to have all the ice cream you want.” It’s not the ice cream that matters. It’s the act of recognizing and re-cultivating the ability to feel and receive enjoyment – that’s all.

But as that begins to mature, you begin to see through the transparency of the things of the world. You come to see that you can give yourself enjoyment by taking a deep breath, stretching the arms out with the palms up, and receiving Love. Nothing has to change around you. You don’t have to eat anything. You don’t have to sex the body. You don’t have to accomplish anything great in the world. You need only receive the presence of Love.

Self-love, then, actually comes to grow the more you release attachment to the idols of love that you have created in the world. A woman who “loves” her garden in the back yard because it gives her so much enjoyment – not quite true. She decides to bring enjoyment to the act of gardening, while the neighbor next door can merely have a garden to try to keep up with the Jones’s, but hates every moment of it.

It is not the garden that creates joy. It is the decision to bring joy to the activity of gardening. And then, you see, the lady can never leave her house, can never move away, because, Oh, my god! I can’t give up my garden. It’s the source of my greatest joy! And that woman stays in the same house until the day she dies, pushing away her dreams of seeing Europe. Pushing away her dreams of swimming with a dolphin. Why? Because the garden has become the thing with the power to give her joy.

Hold not one love for your self. Let it go. Let it become transparent. Do not be attached to it. Learn to recognize that in any given moment, when you are experiencing Love, it’s because you’ve decided to. You are the one who has brought enjoyment to the context of the moment. The thing, in itself, is neutral. Power is not outside of you.

How, then, can you let go of the loves of the world that you have created and still love yourself? By holding what I’ve just shared with you, by sitting with it, by putting it into practice, by recognizing, more and more deeply, that when you are doing what you love, it’s because you have first decided to open your heart in Love, and then take action. If you love to sing, it is the love that is present first. And then you sing. The singing doesn’t cause love for yourself.

Therefore, indeed, beloved friend, contemplate well what I have shared with you. For the great paradox of the mystical Christed Mind is to see that there’s nothing to hold onto in the world because there is no world. There is only the Reality of Love extending Itself through the temporary context of form. If you find yourself loving to make music, know that it is from Love that you are choosing to be a music maker, temporarily.

That should be sufficient for now.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 36

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Q: Over the years we have seen many people who appear to get right to the crux of their blocks, and then they stop. After, they will pull away. And sometimes there can be projection, the forming of “glee clubs,” and even outright attack. Could you speak to what’s occurring there, as well as the best way to deal with it?


A: Well, indeed, beloved friend, I never experienced this when I was on the planet! Hmm.

Remember, always, that the world is the attempt of mind to create a substitute for the Kingdom of Heaven, to create a substitute for Reality. It is the misuse of power. It is a waste of the very gift that the Creator gives to the Created. It is extremely important to remember that as you walk the Earth, in the world … And there’s a distinction between the world and the Earth. The world is what mankind has made in error. As you literally walk down your street, you are walking through a field of illusion in which fear seems to dominate. When everyone is fearful, everyone will believe that everyone is sane and normal. It is just taken to be the norm. And yet, the world is the opposite of the Kingdom. Why is this important? Where fear has made a home in the mind, where any mind has become entranced with fear and doesn’t even know it, it will cling to the foundational structure of belief upon which it is based: I am guilty. I am separate from God. This is why I have to manipulate you, because I can’t trust God. I won’t find my security unless I figure out how to shape the world to give me what I think I need.

Fear has many stepchildren. They are all vicious. And in the world you will encounter viciousness. You encounter it right now a thousand times every day. The store clerk who seems to be absent or not present with you as you put your groceries on the counter. The driver who honks at you because you are going three miles-an-hour slower than he or she wants you to. All of these are expressions of the insanity of fear. For where there is Love, there is a willingness to show up and be wholly present in the body-mind. Where Love is present, there is patience, trust, allowance, graciousness. The world you live in is permeated by fear. It’s what made the world in the first place. Never deny this.

What then happens is this. The first part of the mind which engages the spiritual journey is the ego. It is the ego that first decides to listen to a tape of Jeshua ben Joseph. It is the ego that first opens to my presence. It is the ego that first picks up A Course In Miracles. Why? Because the ego is what is in charge. It has tried everything else. It’s coming close to the time of its death and dissolution. And therefore, it looks upon spirituality as the one last-gasp attempt to gain power and control.

The ego always speaks first. So, you’ll read a paragraph in A Course In Miracles, and immediately start thinking about it, immediately start pontificating about it. That’s nothing but the ego! Those that would puff themselves up with many words about the Course are usually those least interested in living the Course. Do you see?

Therefore, what occurs is this. As any mind begins its “grand spiritual journey,” what it’s really being run by is the seeking for experiences that it has decided will feel good. Now, it will begin to have some experiences. It will go to workshops. It will read the Course. And guess what? The Holy Spirit seduces it. It does have moments of dissolution, little deaths, “Oh!” Spirit breaks through the ego. So the ego is attempting to use something for its own good, not even realizing that it’s the very thing the Holy Spirit will eventually succeed at using in destroying the ego, the grip the ego has on the mind.

However, imagine that you are the defender of a castle. And around the castle you have five thousand acres. Now, out there in the fringes of your dominion, your kingdom, there are a few small hamlets. When the enemy comes to attack your castle, and you first hear that the enemy is amassing at your borders, there’s a little fear: Well, okay. So we’ll give it a few hamlets. Big deal. We’ll let Genghis Khan have the hamlet at the furthest edge. But the closer Genghis Khan comes to the castle, the more ferocious Genghis Khan seems to be, the more the ramparts are pulled up, the more the soldiers come to line the fortress, the more you prepare yourself with your cannons, machine guns, and what have you. You’ll do anything to defend the heart of the castle.

Now, in Truth, there was never a Genghis Khan. There were merely angels on white horses coming to bring the petals of Love and healing, coming to teach you that you need not build fortresses at all, that you can let the castle go and live in the meadows in the Father’s Kingdom. However, those angels are turned into ferocious monsters that look like Genghis Khan and, Surely, they’re out to destroy me.

Never underestimate the viciousness of the ego. This will happen time, and time, and time, again. As, on the one hand, the egoic mind that says it’s on a spiritual path will engage its practices and, Oh my! It will just talk and talk and talk and talk, and read and study, and travel, and do workshops. It will do all of these things, never realizing that it is really about trying to defend its inner castle – the place where the ego is still in authority.

And as Love begins to penetrate and take over the hamlets, it gets closer and closer. And sometimes, the heat is too much. The power of the ego is still too strong and it pushes Love away. Now, how do you push Love away? By calling it something else. By seeing it as Genghis Khan: How dare you ask me to question my own views on sexuality! Why, I know the truth! This is the way it must be!

And then, that very mind will go to a workshop and hear about denial, projection, attack. It will hear all these nice theories and it will go, Yes, yes. Ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh, yes. Well, hmm, hmm, hmm. But boy! When its own inner castle is threatened, and reactivity rears its head, and it sends its soldiers to the wall to keep Genghis Khan out .

It takes much, much experience in the pathway of purification to come to recognize that where there is reaction, there is fear. What is not Love is fear, and nothing else. At any time, when you have enmity with a brother or sister, that is, you’re getting your buttons pushed, you’ve got a problem or an issue, when you do not go to them directly, but rather seek out others to talk to, you will seek an accomplice – what you have called a “glee club”: Let’s get together and sing the chorus of what’s wrong with that person over there. This way, we both get to be right.

At any time that you think you have an issue with someone, and you do not go to them directly to discuss it with openness, to discuss it with the goal being growth and learning, you may rest assured that you have rushed into your castle and sent your soldiers to the wall. And you are delaying your healing and awakening. Any time you seek an accomplice, you have lost and the ego has won. Because why? Because fear has won! Oh, gee. I’ve really had this issue. Gosh, what you did is really pushing my buttons. But I’m not going to talk to you about it. I’ll go find somebody else who’s also had their buttons pushed. We’ll get together and discuss what’s wrong with you, so we get to be safe. Where? Inside the castle of illusion.

So, as Love penetrates the veils, the hamlets of the kingdom of the ego, it gets closer to the castle. The ego seeks to fortify its boundaries. Why? Because the ego is fear itself.

It takes much experience – much maturity – at truly owning that what’s occurring under your skin is yours. Are you committed to Love and healing and growth? Or are you committed to keeping the status quo in place? Fear grips you [snaps fingers] that fast! It causes all manner of reactivity, projection, attack. That’s just the viciousness of the insane ego.

Now this has occurred, as you know, in the nature of your journey with me, for the two of you, specifically, over the last nine years, many times. Why? Because your work, both within yourselves, and therefore within the outer work, the service that you give to others, is about dissolving the castle. That is what the essence of Shanti Christo is: dissolving the deepest, innermost bastion of strength in which the ego is running the show.

This work that I engage with you in is the deepest work possible. It is only about the
Atonement. The Atonement is not to make you feel good. It is literally to purify the mind of the grip of the ego, so that God can possess, if you will, your mind, your life, your being – so that you can return to being a creator of the good, the holy, and the beautiful.

This means, first of all, that this work attracts those who are at various stages of their desire to awaken. Many of them are at the egoic stage. What is the egoic stage of spirituality? It is that stage in which the ego knows it’s tried everything else. It’s tried to make money. It’s had relationships. It’s done its drugs in your culture. It’s had too many hours of TV. It’s tried everything to stay in power, and it perceives that perhaps in the “spiritual life”, it will finally gain the power it seeks over what it perceives to be Genghis Khan on the borders of its dominion.

Therefore, many will first be attracted to my message, through this, my beloved brother – through the various forms of the work that I have guided you to learn, to become skillful in. But the first level of attraction is always the seeking of a new power. The rattles will come when the hamlets begin to be attacked. And depending on the strength that the ego has – no matter how much so-called spiritual journeying one has done – the strength of the ego within the castle will be perceived by those who pull away, by those who need to project and attack, those that need to form glee clubs – these are signs. They can merely teach you to learn more deeply the subtle nuances of how egoic consciousness works. This, in turn, improves your ability to teach.

This is why whenever you feel attacked, what matters first of all is to recognize the mechanics that are at play. Oh! If someone’s attacking me, they must be in fear, since there is only Love or fear. If there is an issue that I know they have, and they’re not coming to talk to me about it, this only shows how deeply fear is actually running their life.

Now, the first thing, then, is compassion and prayer. Hmm? Seeing them as healed, seeing them as whole, asking for guidance, “Should I go speak to them?” Yes. No. The Holy Spirit will let you know.

The second thing is, if I’m feeling attacked, let me drop them, bring attention back to myself,” What’s feeling attacked in me?” For only egoic consciousness can be attacked. Christ cannot be attacked. It’s impossible. Christ just laughs. Christ may choose to take the body-mind away from those who are dangerous to the body-mind, but Christ never feels attacked. So it’s a great offering, and in this sense they’ve become your savior – not because they’re enlightened, but because you can use the situation to more deeply see what you may yet be afraid of.

Now what’s the crux of all this? Anyone who truly wants God will seek out situations of
teaching and learning that literally create a context for the greatest fire, the greatest purification, the greatest heat. Why? Because they want to get the gold melted down so it can be reshaped by the Hand of God.

If you are not experiencing other minds saying that you’re wrong, if you’re not experiencing other minds being activated by the life you’re living, you better take another look. What’s really running you? Are you afraid to speak and live your truth? Are you afraid to choose Love over fear? Are you afraid to look different to other minds? True meekness stands out like a sore thumb, for the meek know that they do not know. The meek trust the Holy Spirit. The ego is out to get others to like it. The soul wants only God.

Therefore, remember that when you are being attacked, you have, in the palm of your hand, a great gem that is totally priceless. For you can deepen your own embodiment of Christ Consciousness. You can learn more deeply the subtle nuances of how egoic consciousness dominates the mind, whether yours or another’s. You can learn and learn and learn, and thereby become a greater teacher, capable of serving the Atonement.

Now, to come back to our analogy of Genghis Khan attacking the kingdom, think of all things as a vibration of energy. When two people come together in relationship, or when ten thousand come together, they come together because there’s a certain level of accord or resonance. Now Genghis Khan can come so far into the kingdom and everybody in the kingdom and in the castle is relatively okay: “Yes, yes. Well, the war is out there on the farthest reaches of our kingdom. We can still party. Isn’t this great? Oh, yes. Ha, ha, ha!” Genghis Khan comes closer. And now, every mind must make a choice: “What am I committed to?”

If, for example, there is a conflict in a relationship, if one mind in the relationship refuses to go to the other and say: “Gosh, I’m really having this issue. We need to go into this because I recognize that if I have an issue, there’s something here that I need to learn.” If they’re not willing to do that, they’ve reached their edge, what you have called the “crux of their obstacle.” They’ve looked within, the situation has flushed something up, but now, they make a choice – without even knowing that they’ve made it. Their choice is to defend their castle. They will then spin out and leave you. They’ll spin out and form glee clubs, they’ll project, they’ll attack, whatever it is. It’s all harmless insanity. It only means that they’ve missed an opportunity and will have to come back around at another time, through more painful experiences, to look at the very issue that they aren’t willing to go through. They’ve come to their edge of their ring of fear. And fear has won the day.

That’s their loss. But it need not be yours. For anyone, at anytime, is free to learn more deeply about forgiveness and Love, about patience, about allowing, about transcending, about growing in the maturity of embodying Christ. The mind that reaches a certain stage of maturity is really no longer concerned with projection and attack – in fact, begins to relish it. For that mind knows that greater power must be coming through it if it is activating other minds. Do you see? The ego seeks safety. The Christ Mind serves the Atonement and has fun doing it.

Now this means that in the stages of Shanti Christo, as we began this work some nine years ago, going on ten years ago, from the day that I first came to this, my beloved brother, the goal has always been to fulfill my agreement with him to bring him fully into God Consciousness, to journey with him until my obligation as his teacher had ended. Now, within that, the secondary effect is to create a work that allows a context in which others also can join with me, can enjoin the process of awakening. That’s what Shanti Christo is, the creation of a context that can invite the entire humanity, the entire family of humanity, into the process of dissolving the times. This means that the more powerfully you are doing that, rest assured, it means the more you will probably find people coming and going, find yourself being projected on. It’s always been that way in the world, where any Ray of Light gets too strong and too clear. Do you see?

So in the future, those of you – and there will be more and more playing with you at deeper and deeper, more mature levels of commitment . . . when you find yourself attacked by others in the world, remember this must mean you’re on the right track! It doesn’t mean you’re going to be destroyed. No one will destroy this work. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be hurt. You can’t be hurt. You’re going to succeed. It simply means that that’s the way it is when Light penetrates darkness. Each mind must be given freedom to protect its castle, to wait for another day, or to choose to step into deeper maturity, deeper commitment to the great dissolution and death of egoic control that growth in Christ Mind requires.

So when people come and go, give it no thought. Merely love and keep growing yourselves in Christ. The only reason you’ve achieved the level of miracle-mindedness and success that has been achieved is because you have matured enough to recognize that this journey must first be your own. Let each one who comes to join with you remember that the growing success of Shanti Christo requires their commitment to penetrate their own castles, whether they be your employees, whether they be your Board of Directors, whether they be your members. Those who say they want to see the success of this venture must be fully committed to the ongoing process of birthing Christ in themselves.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 35

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Q: Jeshua, could you help us define Knowledge or Knowing?

A: Certainly. Knowing or Knowledge is an immediate quality of feeling. It transcends
symbols. Knowledge is the result of revelation, and revelation is always intensely personal. That is, revelation flows across the gap that has seemed to exist between the Mind of God and the mind of the soul, or the Created. It cannot be mediated by symbols, since symbols are removed from Reality.

If you were to try to describe your revelation, you must immediately move into the realm of ideas and words. Words are symbols of symbols, and are thus twice removed from Reality. Ideas are what words are symbols of. Reality is unmediated. It is immediate. All of you have had many, many revelations. In an instant you simply see and know, “Ah! I see. I know. Ah!” Then you let it go. If someone were to ask you,
“Well, what just happened?” Then comes the art of trying to communicate through the mediation of words and ideas to give some sense of the revelation.

This is why even the greatest of your mystics, the greatest of your teachers, have tried to utter in words the essence of their revolution, or revelation of awakening (Indeed, it is a revolution, too). Everything that I ever said, when I walked the earth as a man, anything that I have ever said to you, is the artful attempt to use symbols to point you in the direction of some feeling of the revelation that has occurred within my own mind of Christ. It’s just the way it is. There’s not much you can do about it.

The attempt to communicate requires communion. And a teacher seeks the art-filled, art-guided way of evoking a state of communion between his and her mind and the mind of the student, in order to transfer the essence of revelation. Knowing, then, has nothing to do with theology, religion, or a single text that has ever been given. Knowing, or Knowledge, is immediate. It is a Knowing by being that which the mind would seek to know.

When you touch Christ Mind, you know it. Because all of your beingness, the mind, the
emotions, the physiology of the body – everything – changes and comes into alignment. And in that moment, there is no possibility or even memory of fear. There is nothing but simply being present. It is timeless, it is eternal, it is peaceful.

Therefore, indeed, beloved friends, come to understand that Knowing is what you seek. And yet, Knowing does require that you begin by acknowledging that you are Christ. Remember always that this is the first and most fundamental act of purification. Your mind will tell you, “No, I’m a wretched sinner. No, I’m not there yet.” That is egoic thinking. You must notice it and say, “No. That cannot be the Truth of me. The Truth of me is that I am the Holy Son of God – now.” You’ve dropped a pebble in the pond that creates ripples that will dissolve the patterns of fear that you once created to replace the Truth.

Knowing and Knowledge has nothing to do with belief. It is beyond belief – quite literally to the world mind. Knowing and Knowledge has nothing to do with theology or religion. It has everything to do with Reality.

That should be sufficient for now. We would suggest that you think deeply about what was said. It, in itself, will drop pebbles in the pond that help dissolve the resistance to Knowledge.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 34

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Q: The last question for the evening: Can you speak about specialness and holiness in regard to expressing sexuality?

A: First, you might find this somewhat surprising, but many associate sexuality with the body. It seems rather natural, doesn’t it? And yet, the body is the last level of the expression of true sexuality.

What is sexuality, then? It is the very force – the creative force – of energy itself. You could say that God, your Creator, is pure sexual energy, since Love radiates at such a pure state of being (I won’t use the word “high” because that creates the perception of a hierarchy), a pure state of vibration, so filled with ecstatic celebration of Its own nature, that Its only function and desire is to create like unto Itself. And what comes forth from that One is Christ. Christ is pure sexual energy.

As the dream began to take hold in the Mind of the one Son of God, initially as merely a temporary play, but then began to be taken seriously – the fall from Grace was the taking seriously of the dream – as that vibration begins to descend into . . . more and more into space and time, and then into bodies, it still seeks to express itself. But now, fear and the belief in bodies has usurped the role of sexuality and perceives it to be … let us say it has the value for procreating more bodies. That’s an ego function. There’s no need to procreate more bodies. You’ve done it long enough.

As you find yourself, then, in a state of consciousness in which at least part of you is still holding value for the body, you will and must feel sexual energy, because sexual energy is creative energy – that’s all. It is the desire of Love to procreate Itself, to express Itself, to extend Itself.

Within the body’s use of sexuality, the best that sexuality can do is to say unto another,
I accept you as you are and I behold your innocence. I elect to allow this body to
be utilized in such a way to express the simple Truth.

No amount of sexuality awakens the Sonship. However, it can, if it is used by a mind fully committed as a Disciple of Christ, the body can become the context through which Love helps to dissolve fears, self-unworthiness, certain perceptions that have settled, or crystallized, in the mind of your brother or sister. The body cannot be used to get anything. Its only sane purpose is to extend or give – that’s all.

The purpose, then, of sexuality and the body is not to seek pleasure, but to allow transformation and healing of illusion. Because the body is the ego’s home, and sexuality has been usurped by the ego for improper purposes, if you will, sexuality and the body in your world is the place of great power. A great catalyst can come through those energies, but also great risk, because it stirs up the most fundamental places in the self where the ego has tried to suppress true creativity, and tried to take it over as its own.

Sexuality, then, ideally, in an awakened state, would be entered into only as the result of prayerful appreciation, not of the other, but of God, so that the body relaxes and is surrendered into the awakened Mind, that then allows the Holy Spirit to inform how another is touched, how another is spoken to – always informed from the perception that the mind is seeing in the other their perfect innocence and is expressing its acceptance, its whole acceptance of the other . . . not in order to get, not in order to own, not in order to be pleased, not even in order to please, but only to express the innocence of Love.

Sexuality is God – pure and simple. It gets convoluted in the dream as the mind separates itself and takes on fear, begins to see the body as real, begins to try to use the body in order to get, instead of as a communication device for allowing the Holy Spirit or the Christ Mind to express through it that which brings healing to the Sonship.

Can sexuality, then, be used in a sacred way? Of course! A pencil can be used in a sacred way. It is the mind that decides the purpose and the value of all things. To decide to use the sexual energies of the body only as that through which the Holy Spirit can touch another mind and heart and let them relax into self-acceptance, because they are seen and appreciated for themselves, and not because there’s someone trying to get something from them – this is the highest use and value that the body’s sexuality can have. And, by the way, anything but that – anything but that – is a decision against Christ, pure and simple.

Now, you mentioned the terms “specialness” and “holiness.” The ego would perceive often in your world that sexuality is what creates the holiness of the joining of two. It’s upside-down thinking. Holiness requires not a movement. It requires a surrendering of illusion within each of two minds. Holy relationship, whether it be having a pizza or having what you call “sex” . . . you’re always having sex, by the way, even when you’re eating a pizza . . . holiness occurs when any two beings look within themselves; that is, they make the journey within and discover the Truth that there is no lack. Then they join, not to get, but to create the good, the holy, and the beautiful. That might be a pizza. It might be a retreat center. It might be what you call, “making love.” I don’t like the term “making,” by the way. That’s what the ego does. All action, then, is informed from a different place of consciousness, and that is all.

Specialness … specialness is nothing more than the attempt to use relationship – with a pizza, with another body, with a brother or sister – to get. That is what makes it special. It doesn’t mean . . . holiness doesn’t mean that everybody lives in a house all by themselves and nobody is in a committed relationship, because in holiness, the Holy Spirit informs the purpose of the relationship moment to moment to moment to moment.

And if it looks like it’s appropriate for two to come together and live under the same roof, even as man and wife . . . that form is secondary to the content that each mind has awakened to. The form being secondary can be easily embraced, and it can be easily released, when the content calls for the reshuffling of the cards. Specialness would hold that, “No, now that we’re together, the form is what matters.”

The ego loves form, for it believes that form can give it the safety it needs while it tries to survive in its fears. The mind awakened to holiness is fear-less, and only loves. And so, form has become secondary to content.

Does that help you in that regard, then?

Response: Yes.

Jeshua: Worthwhile questions, do you think?

Response: Yes.

Jeshua: Then perhaps, if we are most fortunate, some help will come from the answers.

In regard, then, to the latter, we would suggest unto everyone: Are you making of the body and sexuality something “special”? Or can you give even this to the sacred holiness of the purpose the Holy Spirit would give unto it, and value it so highly that you will allow no other use of it to enter into the sphere of your experience? – that each joining with a friend, with a brother or sister, is a sexual experience; there’s an exchange of energy going on. There is Life, and Life is Love, and Love is God! Can you bring such presence to sitting across from a friend and smiling while you’re eating a pizza, so that you know you’re having a grand sexual experience? You’re in the ecstasy of knowing that Life is good because goodness is of God!

And if you happen to do what is called the groping and the touching and the stroking and the copulating and the panting and the heaving and all of that other thing that happens in a certain tiny form of expression of sexual joining, that your world has made such a big thing of, can you bring that presence together so that the two that are joining are joining as though they are the awakened Christ, serving no other purpose than to bless the other with acceptance of the other? … seeing their perfect innocence, celebrating the innocence of one another, without clinging, without possessiveness, without fear of loss. For where minds have joined in Love, loss and separation is no longer possible.

So, we will, then, allow this hour to come to a close. We come only, then, because we love you. We come only to allow that Love to inform us, and then, stepping that down through the matrix of one particular body-mind and set of vocal cords, so that words you can understand with the conscious mind can be brought into your energy field, and yet, perhaps, used differently, their meanings interpreted differently, to assist you in releasing illusion, and allowing correction to come to your mind.

That is our sole purpose, because you are the Sonship. Because you are the Sonship, you are those points of Light that are of One Substance with us. We, then, are your brothers, sisters – your friends. And we come only because we love you. Do we have a choice? Hardly. For your healing and awakening is ours. Your joining with us in wholeness is the healing of Christ.

Therefore, indeed, peace be with us all – always. Whether in your world or ours, within the dimensions of Creation, only Love is truly occurring. Amen.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 33

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Q: Could you please elaborate on the Lineage, and how one comes to be in your lineage, and speak of soul groups?


A: First of all, beloved friend, if we approve of you, you might be allowed in.

Now this could, indeed, encompass an entire hour or several hours in itself, since it is a question that deals with the very heart of the dream of separation and the process of the baby’s awakening in the crib.

Within the dream itself, and we have used this analogy for you before, imagine that there is a Light, a singular Light that occupies all of space. You might think of it as a Star that fills all of space, so there’s only the Light of the Star. For some inextricable and unseen reason, that Star bursts into many, many Starlets, if you will, many points of Light that now look as though there’s a multitude, but they’re all made of the same substance: Light.

Each one of them, as that process begins, begins to see itself as unique and separate from the other aspects of the Star that has burst. Each one of them, then, begins to set in motion a vibration that looks like it begins to carry it into different corners of the universe. Different experiences begin to flow out of it, so different vibratory rates are established, would be one way of saying it. And yet, they’re really all occurring within the context of the One Star. And if there had not been that One Star, none of the little points of Light could have any existence whatsoever. They are embraced by the vibratory field of the One Star. They never lose touch with that. They merely express what appears to be variations on a central theme.

Now, as that process continues, eventually, time is birthed. Think about that sentence for a while! – Eventually, time is birthed within the dream. And with time comes space. And with space comes bodies. But bodies are, first, merely condensations of energy, far subtler than what your scientists know as atoms or quarks. And yet, they emerge, as the vibrations continue to create out of the belief of uniqueness, that which coalesces thought as a vibrating energy, called an atom. And atoms coalesce into a multitude of forms, as you well know, since you are one. You are a coalescing of a whole lot of atoms into the appearance of solidity called the body, which you then call “myself.”

So, that’s kind of what occurs. And, again, we could spend many hours discussing the process of the dream, itself – the very mechanics of the dream, itself. Again, please understand: the one baby is awakening. The dream never really occurred; that is, the perception of the reality of the dream never occurred. The valuing the dream over the dreamer has been a mistake. And the dreaming of the dreamer never separated the dreamer from the power of that One that gives forth the freedom to dream.

Understand well, then, there is no uniqueness. Everybody’s doing the same thing. One child is awakening. And that’s all that’s going on. That’s all that’s going on . . . something to think about.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 32

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Q: Each soul has the same purpose, that is, to wake up fully from separation from God. Yet, within the dream, in space and time, based on soul experiences and predilections, do we have our own unique purpose?


 A: No. Do you want an elucidation, or is that sufficient?

Response: That’s sufficient. You were the one to tell me to ask this question.

A: Indeed. Beloved friend, this is a question that actually serves to … it brings up into our awareness something that really serves to limit the awakening process itself. The ego places value on form more than content. The egoic mind searches for a form of expression which it hopes will fulfill its perceived purpose, and thereby, grant it what it wants, “Ah, I have done it! See how good I am?”

The only purpose of the soul is to awaken, to allow the transformative process to occur, so that Christ again reigns supreme in a mind where fear had created a substitute. Content is what matters. And the more any mind devotes itself to content, the appropriate forms merely materialize for it. Why? Because the universe, or the world you experience, is nothing more than an outpicturing of the Love of God that is working through the Holy Spirit to create the contexts that allow you to awaken, and, as we said earlier, to give you contexts in which you can become more and more skilled as a conduit for the extension of Love.

Uniqueness, once again, is an ego interpretation. For instance, there is nothing unique about me showing up as the primary spokesperson for that which I once referred to as the “lineage.” There is nothing unique about this, my beloved brother, who joins with me in this process. It may look unique to some minds. And some may say, “Oh, Jeshua. What he’s doing is so unique among all the masters!”

That is a projection. All things have one function: the healing of the Sonship so that Love can be extended sanely from the Mind of God through His Creation, Who is Christ. That’s all. You could see those things as two sides of one coin.

There’s nothing unique in what I do. There is nothing unique in what you do. It only appears that you’re in a different place and a different dimension. And the actions of the body make you think that what you’re doing is unique or different from somebody else’s function. The ego compares itself to others. It measures its worthiness by thinking about everybody else’s function. It does not see that it is merely projecting its own value onto what everybody else is doing.

Only one thing is occurring: mind is waking up. To give you a picture that would help you in this, imagine that one baby lays its head down on a pillow in its crib, and begins to dream. And part of that dream becomes the process of its own wakefulness, as the first rays of dawn begin to touch the crib through the open window. One baby, all by itself, resting in a crib, dreaming a dream, and then stirring itself to wakefulness.

The Sonship is that one baby. And you participate perfectly within it. Body-minds not withstanding – they do come and go, of course. It looks like there is a multiplicity, but there is only mind. And it is mind that is waking. One purpose . . . how can you find uniqueness when there is only one baby in the process of doing one thing – awakening, giving up dreams, stepping back into the wakefulness of Reality?

Therefore, to all of you, I want very much to encourage you to be very aware, and very wary of, the tendency within the mind to become attracted to what looks like a unique function. And the pictures that the mind gets, the fantasies that it creates about becoming a great president, about becoming a great anything, that is always secondary. And it is the ego that does those things. The mind that is informed by Love is merely available awake where it happens to find itself, doing what it happens to be doing. And it sees clearly that all power under Heaven and Earth is flowing through it, and is available in that moment to serve the one function of the healing and restoration of the Sonship. Where the body-mind happens to find itself is only secondarily of importance. Does that help you in that regard?

Response: Yes.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 31

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