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Q. How does the Essenes see God?

 A. God is described as an experience. The Essenes said very often that God as God does not exist. There is the experience of God. And the idea of it (that’s my understanding) is that we are not to separate ourselves from that word God by saying “there is someone called God” because the moment that you say that “there is someone or something called God”, there is no ONENESS anymore. One can describe it as Pure Love.

 Q. What does Love actually mean? 

A. Spirit would give an example “When you give a hand to someone, you try to be together. When you keep holding the hand for a while, and you actually feel that your hand and the other person hand are one hand, you experience God. Because Two becomes One. The Essenes taught that One plus One does not equal Two. They taught that One plus One equals One. 

Yasha Lavie, Modern Essene Teacher and channeler.