Q: Yes. The Shanti Christo board had a phone conference today, and I asked if anybody had any questions for this tape. And they suggested that we just ask you if you could speak to us – the board and the members as well – about the direction we’re going and anything that you would care to address about the frequency of Shanti Christo and what we can do to keep our frequencies in alignment with the vision.

A: First, the frequency of Shanti Christo is unchanged, unchanging, and unchangeable forever. Simply because it is the Peace of Christ. But remember that peace is not a passive state at all. Rather, it is the foundation, the very empowering foundation, from which one accepts the pebble in the pond of the Will of God and knows that it is unlimited forever – with all power necessary to do whatever is asked. Such a mind is very powerful. Such a mind might be extremely active in the world. Such a mind remains at peace.

What can you do, then, for the vibration of Shanti Christo? Absolutely nothing. What you can do for yourself is want more of it. In that way is the vibration or frequency of Shanti Christo extended into the world. I once said that, Love merely attracts the seeker of Reality to Itself. God, then, pours Himself out into the world by becoming so attractive that His creations – the minds that populate the world – want more of Him. And they open to receive what is present.

Therefore, if you would serve the extension of Shanti Christo, be ever-vigilant to discipline the mind to want only more of God for yourself. As you open to more of God, and wait on no one, other minds will decide whether or not they are willing to release what is obstructing them from receiving more of God. And then you’ll be guided in how to create a context that might allow that to occur. Not that the context causes it. It merely gives the other mind permission to do so.

Do not become overly attached to the form or the accomplishment, but rather to the frequency you are allowing yourself to live within. Remember that all things are perfect. You need not be concerned about – hmm, shall we say – being a model, being a way-shower. You should not be concerned, whatsoever, with satisfying everybody who’s looking for God who might come your way.

Rather, see that you are releasing the impurities that block the pure presence of God’s Love: specialness, egotism, denial, fear, what you would call as I’ve heard you term it “going up and out” instead of down and in – thinking instead of feeling. “Thinking instead of dancing,” would be my way of saying it. Are you extending Love? Are you giving freedom to each and every mind, wanting only that mind to experience greater joy? Letting them have their freedom in how they discover that. Are you awaking each morning with appreciation and joy, knowing that Shanti Christo has already been fulfilled and manifested? Are you delighting in allowing it to manifest in such a way that you learn something new about the nature of mind, the power of consciousness, and the Reality of Love?

If indeed, then, you would serve the vibration of Shanti Christo, you must be a creator and not a maker. But remind all of this: making is not the same as taking action. A mind can be involved in making by refraining from taking action. Does that make sense for you? Therefore, trust all things, allow all things, celebrate all things, see the perfection of all things, and be the vibration of Shanti Christo. That should be enough for now.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 41

For more information about the Way of Mastery Series & Jeshua Channelings & Jayem’s Pathway, please go to http://www.wayofmastery.com


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