Q: Yes. Can you explain more about the free will of children, because it often appears that they are at the mercy of their parents’ choices?

A: Remember that in the bigger picture there is only One Mind, playing out the dream of separation and awakening to the Reality of Love. Now, in the complexity of this journey, there is that which is called karma, would be your word. There is that which is the truth that the sins of the fathers are visited unto the third and fourth generation. That is, the energetic patterns of perception are handed, one mind to another, until some mind begins to awaken. When you are asleep, and lost in darkness, you will take hold of any hand extended to you. Why? Because your desire is to survive.

The desire, by the way, to survive in the physical form is but an analog, or an expression, or a metaphor, for the soul’s desire to survive in God, to awaken to the Truth of the Christ. I’ve said to you many times that everything is just a symbol for the spiritual journey. So therefore, when you look upon your children, all the children of this planet, of course there is a stage in which they seem to be influenced by the psychic field of the parents, peers, teachers. This recapitulates the fall into the dream of separation and the choice of every soul to awaken. But awakening requires the embrace of humanity’s shadow side, or darkness. You cannot embrace what you do not first own as a part of you. Therefore, the soul takes on the shadow, takes on the cloak of the dream of separation, and then decides whether it will be a victim of that, or whether it will be transfigured in spite of it, and, therefore, overcome the world.

Each soul, in its particular expression, has its own unique dynamics, in terms of how it has fallen under the spell, and how it is choosing to go about requiring or learning the lessons it desires in its way of releasing, bit by bit, fear of the extraordinary Truth of its being.

So, from one perspective, it looks like a child is a poor victim. That is part of the game of separation being played out. In Reality, it is not possible to be a victim. It is not possible to be a victim. Nothing can come unless it is called. The experience of every child is by the sovereign power of that soul. And the lessons that it is garnering are rich and varied.

This is why you cannot compare anyone’s journey. What you can do is honor everyone’s journey.

Never look upon another and say, I’m so sorry you’ve had that experience. Rather, learn to ask of them, What has this taught you? How will you choose to respond to this condition? Will you choose victimhood, or will you choose transfiguration? Which is to say, “Will you accept the power within you to heal, or will you require, through lack of forgiveness, the continuation of your belief that you are small, that you are unworthy.” Which would you choose to create?

I’m not saying do not be compassionate. Quite to the contrary, passion means to enter into passion with. Compassion, community – to join with in passion. But empathy should never be sympathy.

Trust, then, your children and the path that they choose. Indeed, learn to love them as an aspect of your own soul. And yet, give them complete freedom to choose. It isextremely important. The sovereignty of the soul is sacred above all Creation.

Does that help you in regard to your question?

Response: Yes.

Jeshua: You see, often when an adult looks upon the plight of a child, and feels helpless, or feels that this is wrong, or feels anger, all they are doing is expressing a tender point that has not been healed within themselves regarding their own childhood experiences. It is an edge being revealed to them that calls for deeper healing and forgiveness in themselves. For only those that can forgive themselves, only those that have healed within themselves, can, indeed, be of any value in helping another to heal.

I once said unto you that those who speak and work for peace, but do not have peace in their own hearts, accomplish nothing. It is no different than working with a child who’s been abused, who’s been hungry, who’s going through turmoil with peers, whatever it is. If it is activating your emotion, look well to see what might yet remain unhealed within yourself. In other words, take the log out of your own eye, before you attempt to help another with the speck of dust in their own – that looks like a log because you are projecting what is unhealed within yourself. Only the healed mind can assist in the healing of another.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 43

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Q: There is a book out now, and it is called The Bible Codes. And there’s been discovered a secret code in the Torah, which indicates a lot of events that have occurred now, in this time frame. Would you care to elaborate on the validity of that?


A: Indeed, beloved friend. It is not by accident – as nothing is – that it is come to pass that the question is being asked now. Anyone who has listened closely to what I just shared with you should have a good smile and a good laugh, recognizing that the question about these Bible codes is in perfect alignment with what has been shared.

There is, indeed, what you could call, a secret code that passes through the Torah. It will not be discovered to be as clear as expressed in the New Testament, except through certain strands of my teachings. That secret code is like a road map, laid under the field of Creation of humanity. For remember, from the time the dream of separation first entered into the mind, the Father created its correction. And that correction is being played out in the field of space and time. That which was called the Torah was, indeed, written by prophets, if you will – mystics ould be another word; or, how about channels? – who received guidance to tell stories, some of which, by the way, are fictional, and yet, carry what you call a mythical element. They are fiction, not as a lie, but as stories designed to prompt the soul to remember the Truth.

Within these books of the Torah, then, there has been a strand of Light, like a thread woven through it all, that carries little molecules, or little atoms of essential Truth, revealing and carrying forth God’s plan for the enlightenment of His Creation. Within this strand, yes, many events have needed to come to pass. Many events in your world are secondary, or third or fourth in levels of importance. Some are quite primary within the greater expression of God’s plan. I am mentioned in the Torah seventy times. I do not mean here by the words that you would read in your scripture of the Torah, but through that which can be revealed through these Bible codes.

All of this is to say that it was already known by the Lineage that a day would come within this Family, called the Jewish nation, that a certain one would be born who is like the fruit of the fruit. There is some of Moses, some of Ezekiel, some of every prophet within me, as that strand of Light, emanating from Abba, culminated in the expression of the Life of Jeshua ben Joseph, mirroring the Truth of every soul back to Itself, even though it was so deeply asleep. Whether it be Judas, or Esther, or Mary – all of them – every being who has ever come to hear of my Life, no matter how asleep they’ve been, Abba, through me, created that which models the Truth of every soul. That is what I meant when I said I was merely a prototype for what is to come, and what I meant when I said, Greater works than these will you do. For there is great power – exponential power – when there are ten Christs as opposed to one, or fifty thousand Christs as opposed to ten. That’s what’s coming on your planet. A planet of Christs. And then, as they say in your language, look out!

Therefore, indeed, the code is valid. It’s not by accident that it is only being unraveled now, with your high technology. It required that technology to even begin to discover it. It does, indeed, predict many events that have come to pass, but this is only to remind you that all is already in the Hands of your Creator. Darkness cannot overcome Light. Fear cannot defeat Love. Hell cannot replace Heaven. The dream of separation cannot replace the Reality of perfect union. The spell or illusion of what you would call maya, cannot come to overshadow enlightenment. There are many ways to put that duality, but it comes down to the same thing, and it’s the very same thing that I have been speaking to you for hours and hours and hours over these many years. There is something being enacted on the human plane. It is the awakening from illusion to Reality played out in the field of space and time, played out in the field of your own consciousness, which mirrors, or recapitulates, the dream that the Son of God has chosen to have. It is just a dream. And guess who wins in the end?

Yes, there is a code within the Torah. It will be found, eventually, to extend through the teachings of mine that are yet pure, and purely recorded in what is called the New Testament.

But it will not be found to permeate all books of the Bible. The Torah, my teachings in the New Testament, and little smatterings here and there elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the code requires that the individuals using it be willing to ask bold questions. So far, they have asked conservative questions because they are conservatively-minded. But that’s perfectly okay. All that matters here is that you recognize that this is simply more evidence for the Truth I have shared with you many times. Namely, that in the moment the dream of separation was created, the Father created the correction, and it is in place. It’s already occurring, it’s always been occurring, and it will not fail!

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 42

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Q: Yes. The Shanti Christo board had a phone conference today, and I asked if anybody had any questions for this tape. And they suggested that we just ask you if you could speak to us – the board and the members as well – about the direction we’re going and anything that you would care to address about the frequency of Shanti Christo and what we can do to keep our frequencies in alignment with the vision.

A: First, the frequency of Shanti Christo is unchanged, unchanging, and unchangeable forever. Simply because it is the Peace of Christ. But remember that peace is not a passive state at all. Rather, it is the foundation, the very empowering foundation, from which one accepts the pebble in the pond of the Will of God and knows that it is unlimited forever – with all power necessary to do whatever is asked. Such a mind is very powerful. Such a mind might be extremely active in the world. Such a mind remains at peace.

What can you do, then, for the vibration of Shanti Christo? Absolutely nothing. What you can do for yourself is want more of it. In that way is the vibration or frequency of Shanti Christo extended into the world. I once said that, Love merely attracts the seeker of Reality to Itself. God, then, pours Himself out into the world by becoming so attractive that His creations – the minds that populate the world – want more of Him. And they open to receive what is present.

Therefore, if you would serve the extension of Shanti Christo, be ever-vigilant to discipline the mind to want only more of God for yourself. As you open to more of God, and wait on no one, other minds will decide whether or not they are willing to release what is obstructing them from receiving more of God. And then you’ll be guided in how to create a context that might allow that to occur. Not that the context causes it. It merely gives the other mind permission to do so.

Do not become overly attached to the form or the accomplishment, but rather to the frequency you are allowing yourself to live within. Remember that all things are perfect. You need not be concerned about – hmm, shall we say – being a model, being a way-shower. You should not be concerned, whatsoever, with satisfying everybody who’s looking for God who might come your way.

Rather, see that you are releasing the impurities that block the pure presence of God’s Love: specialness, egotism, denial, fear, what you would call as I’ve heard you term it “going up and out” instead of down and in – thinking instead of feeling. “Thinking instead of dancing,” would be my way of saying it. Are you extending Love? Are you giving freedom to each and every mind, wanting only that mind to experience greater joy? Letting them have their freedom in how they discover that. Are you awaking each morning with appreciation and joy, knowing that Shanti Christo has already been fulfilled and manifested? Are you delighting in allowing it to manifest in such a way that you learn something new about the nature of mind, the power of consciousness, and the Reality of Love?

If indeed, then, you would serve the vibration of Shanti Christo, you must be a creator and not a maker. But remind all of this: making is not the same as taking action. A mind can be involved in making by refraining from taking action. Does that make sense for you? Therefore, trust all things, allow all things, celebrate all things, see the perfection of all things, and be the vibration of Shanti Christo. That should be enough for now.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 41

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Q: What is the difference between joy and pleasure, and why do a lot of spiritual traditions denounce pleasure?

A: It is a very wise question you’ve been prompted to ask in your willingness to be a creator. Hmm! There is, indeed, a difference between joy and pleasure. In your human realm, in the realm of the body-mind, joy and pleasure are often deeply confused. And so the mind becomes hoodwinked into pursuing pleasure, believing it will find joy.

How, then, to distinguish between the two? Pleasure is dependent on a specific energetic state temporarily passing through the nervous system of the body. Joy is a quality of recognition in the Spirit, or the Deep Mind, or the Heart, that transcends all conditions. A mind that is awake can know joy in the midst of what appears to be the hardships that can pass by in life.

By way of my own experience as a man upon your plane, your world would say that my
crucifixion was a very painful experience. There was a lot going on in the body, but I was in a state of joy, not a state of pleasure. When I danced and sang and drank some wine and broke bread with my friends, I experienced pleasure. That is, the food substances, the vibrations of the music, created a temporary pattern of energy in the nervous system that elicited certain reactions within the brain-mind and the body itself … pleasurable sensations. I learned, because I was taught to learn, that pleasure is exactly the same as pain in this regard. It has a beginning and an end, and it passes through the physical body and the nervous system and the brain, and that’s it.

I learned that joy was becoming free of all illusions of separation. Imagine that the depth of your mind was truly like a spacious ocean that could contain all waves that arise within the field of the body-mind without any resistance at all, without being disturbed in its depth. There could be a great storm on the surface, but the depth of the ocean is undisturbed. Joy is a quality of awareness that is brought about through the release of illusions and the correction of how the mind thinks and how the heart feels. Joy is a quality of being that is not dependent on health or dis-ease, money or poverty, birth, death, loss, or gain. To gain something in the world does not increase joy. It may, temporarily, give you pleasure. That should give you enough to think about in regard to that part of your question.

Why have certain spiritual traditions denounced or sought to have their practitioners get out of the pleasure trap? Well, frankly, just because of this. Because the human mind equates pleasure with joy. And therefore, when unpleasurable sensations, such as sadness, such as confusion or doubt, or such as a physical sensation from an illness is passing through the body, the mind wants to get out of that state and create a different state. But that is merely the realm of duality in which there is no freedom.

True joy comes when no passing state of feeling in the body is denied or judged, but rather, embraced and experienced because that mind realizes it is not the passing state – it is not limited or identified with the passing state. The joy-filled mind can cry like no one has ever cried before. The joy-filled mind can embrace sadness to the depth, the greatest depth, that could be imagined. The joy-filled mind is the mind that observes all things, trusts all things, allows all things, embraces all things, transcends all things.

Joy, then, is a quality of Knowingness. Pleasure is a physiological state—very temporary—of the body-mind. Why, then, would any spiritual teacher say, “Be very careful. Don’t seek pleasure?” Simply because the mind can become addicted to confusing joy and pleasure. And therefore, whenever things aren’t going right, it will try to recreate a temporary pleasurable state in the body. But all that does is continue the rut of the mind’s misidentifying itself as the body. It keeps it in the realm of temporality and not in the realm of the eternal.

Now does that mean that you should refuse pleasure? Absolutely not! Just don’t seek it.
What do I mean by that? I have said to you many times that the body cannot be used to get. It can only be used to give. The healed Mind does not need to use the body to get anything, for It sees that the body is merely a temporary communication device. It receives communications rom other forms of life, other beings – rocks, trees, and human beings, and the wind and the waves and the stars – and It communicates Itself, It communicates Mind, through the body.

Many, for instance, in the realm of sexuality, are trying to use the body to get something called the pleasurable state because they think that pleasure is the same as joy. But the awakened Mind, no longer misidentifying joy and pleasure, allows pleasurable states to pass through the body-mind, but only as a secondary effect of Its decision to use the body to enjoin with sexuality for the sole purpose of communicating to another, “I see you in your perfect innocence and would celebrate it by joining with you whole-bodily.”

So It is involved in giving, and the pleasurable states, that may or may not come and are always perhaps a little different, are only secondary. And that afterward, that Mind doesn’t give it a second thought. It doesn’t say, “Wow! The lights and bells and whistles didn’t come on. It just wasn’t what it should have been.”

That kind of mind is involved in getting, because it needs pleasure, because it believes that pleasure is the same as joy. Joy is the recognition that, I and my Father are One. And in all contexts, I can choose Love over fear.

Therefore, indeed, there is a reason that many spiritual traditions have warned its students about the pleasure thing. Often that has gotten misinterpreted and gone beyond the point of its usefulness. If a mind denies or suppresses pleasure, it has the same effect as the mind that becomes addicted to pleasurable states. It will put out as much energy to resist a passing physiological state as the addicted mind will put into seeking pleasurable states. Either one is imprisonment.

Therefore, my suggestion for you is: Do not seek pleasure, but rather, seek the Kingdom. Be the presence of Love. And when pleasurable sensations pass through your awareness in the body-mind, notice them, accept them, and be done with them, just like when so-called unpleasurable states – sadness, anger, fear, whatever it is that is arising. Notice it, embrace it, let it pass through. Get on with being the presence of Love.

Does that help you in regard to your question?

Response: Yes.

Jeshua: Did it bring any illumination?

Response: [laughing] Yes.

Jeshua: Then indeed, beloved friend, remember: The body simply cannot accomplish getting anything. It can be used for grand things – the extension of Love. That, in itself, usually will generate acceptable, passing, pleasurable sensations.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 40

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Q: You say that everyone is Christ, yet even among highly enlightened beings, there seems to be some difference. Does everyone have their own unique soul essence?

A: This is actually a very loaded question. For differences are the effect of perception. That is, ten human beings looking at two enlightened beings might see any number of differences. Some of those differences will be a projection of their own likes and dislikes, and they will, therefore, conclude that one enlightened being is more enlightened than the other enlightened being, which is, of course, a contradiction in terms.

However, it is a great paradox that while Mind is one, while Light is one, Consciousness is one, Awareness is one, Love is one, Creation requires differentiation. In other words, the creation of relationship. It is not possible to know a thing, to even be aware of a thing, except that you have an awareness that it is not another thing. Does that make sense to you? If there was only one thing, that one thing would not even be aware of itself, because it’s all there is. You become aware of yourself by knowing how to distinguish yourself from a flower. Is that not true? Indeed. Therefore, while you are made of the same substance as the flower, there is a distinction in the expression of form.

Creation is extension. Extension is expression. Therefore, each Great Ray of Light, while being of one substance – perfectly the same substance – expresses itself, creation is extended through it, with a subtle nuance of difference – a different twist, a different flavor put on it at a very subtle level. And therefore, each being seems to express a unique individuation. The spell, in the physical dimension of the human mind, is that individuation means separation. It does not. Just as many instruments make up one orchestra that creates its own unique music, so too, do the subtle nuances of differentiation create an orchestration that is called Creation.

Therefore, what is important here is for the mind to realize how much energy it spends trying to conform itself to be what it perceives all the other Great Rays are doing. Do you see? Become your own individuated Ray of Light. You don’t do that by pushing others away. You don’t do that by separating yourself. You do it by loving yourself and following the impulse that comes through the depth of a quiet heart.

To own and embrace your individuation and to let your Light shine, so to speak, your
authenticity to shine, you actually experience greater unity with the Universe than you do by trying to hide your Light under a bushel, and then trying to show up as a personality who pleases everybody else by conforming to the world.

You could say that I stood out like a sore thumb. I did not seem to fit in with anybody. And yet, my experience was that the more authentically I expressed myself, in the dimension of space and time, the greater depth of union with my brothers and sisters I experienced. The more honoring and loving of their essence I could be, the more I could discern their essence, because I was claiming my own essence, my own authenticity. Does that make sense for you?

It’s a rather important thing to consider. If you want to love in this world, then you had better individuate yourself and love yourself so uniquely that you do not conform to anybody else’s ideas. You can agree with them, in order to play and create, but don’t conform to them – it’s very, very different. Too many human beings suffer because they think their life is shallow.

They put all their energy into pleasing everybody else, into showing up in just the right way so they never upset anybody’s apple cart. And then they can’t understand why their life feels so shallow.

Individuate! Stand out! Shine! Let the power of the Universe move through you! Become the most unique being anybody’s ever imagined! And when you do that, you will paradoxically feel closer to all of Life than you ever thought possible, for you will be close to your Creator. And when you are close to your Creator, you embrace Creation.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 39

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Q: Jeshua, in A Course In Miracles you say something about the “Great Rays of Light.” What is that about?

A: Indeed, beloved friend, although I did not spend much time in seeking to define it, the Great Rays of Light simply refer to the Truth of each and every one of us. In this way, by way of metaphor, your Creator is as the Central Sun. And out of its overflowing, Rays of Light are cast out. And those Rays of Light are made of one substance with the Light. And yet, something incomprehensible occurs. Each Ray of Light can be seen, in a sense, to stand alone in its relationship to the central Sun. It is made of the same substance as every Great Ray of Light, and each Ray of Light has its own pure potentiality for the creation of experience. The Great Rays of Light, then, refer to the essence of each and every soul. For the soul is an infinite Ray of Light – eternal, unbounded, unborn, and undying.

But there is another level. And this simply means that the Great Rays of Light is like the realm of ideas. Ideas each carry a certain vibration or quality. The Great Rays of Light are the great ideas, the great visions. For instance, forgiveness is a Great Ray of Light. Judgment is a distortion of Light. Unlimitedness is a Great Ray of Light. Fear and contraction and limitation are distortions of that Light. You could think of many more: compassion instead of control, trust instead of fear, and so on.

So Great Rays of Light also refer to the ideas that liberate the mind, the ideas that are eternal and are found in every form of the Universal Curriculum. Indeed, each and every one of you listening to these words is a Great Ray. And the Great Rays have existed with that one central Sun throughout all of eternity. That is the Truth of your being, and it is perhaps the most fundamental Truth that must occur as a Knowingness within the mind: I AM A GREAT RAY OF LIGHT – UNBOUNDED, ETERNAL, UNBORN AND UNDYING! Try as I will, I cannot get away from being a creator, a co- creator. So maybe it’s time I stopped pretending I am less than a Great Ray, and got on with discovering how I can let that Light shine – even in this world.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 38

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Q: Since we do not know what our brother or sister needs, is it possible that the Holy Spirit would guide us to say and do things that others would react vehemently to, such as You did when You yelled and got angry at the moneychangers? Is it true that we can’t put a lid on how the guidance of the Holy Spirit would sound or look?


A: By its very nature, the guidance of the Holy Spirit comes from beyond the realm of ideas and perceptions that the mind identifies itself with. If you think of a room in a house as being where you normally abide, you know all the furniture, you’ve identified it all, you’ve defined it, it’s under your control. In such a room, when you go to access the answer for a problem or a situation that has arisen, you can only go to what you already know.

That is what the egoic mind tries to do, even when it begins to receive into its “room” new ideas – spiritual ideas, metaphysical ideas, religious ideas, magical mean ideas. It still is in the realm of the known and so, when a situation comes up, it rummages around the room looking for something it knows is already there. And it looks for what it thinks will be the device, the word, the phrase, the action, that is the right thing. But this is the very same thing as saying that you already know what you need to say or do. But you do not have that knowledge in the room in which the ego lives.

That space or channel, that we spoke of earlier, through which Love can inform your decisions, requires that you recognize it is beyond the context of the room that you’re used to living in. The mind, as you know it – your daily mind – can operate only in a closed universe of what it already knows.

And therefore, in a given situation, the Holy Spirit may have said to you, Take this homeless brother into your house and fix him a good meal. And so, you’ve done it. Now, ten years later, there is another homeless man outside your door. You rummage around in the past, and you see that once you brought this person in and you fed him, Oh, this must be the solution because this is my “homeless person” tape. I just pulled it out of my dresser drawer in my egoic mind.

And then you set about to act on that and you discover that that homeless man steals everything in your house. You’ve forgotten that there was a time when a homeless man appeared and you didn’t know what to do. You let go of everything you thought you knew and you asked in prayer. This same way of not knowing is the ultimate state of Knowing. Knowing that the egoic mind does not know is the source of powerful Knowing.

Therefore, could it be the case that the Holy Spirit would guide you to say or do something that might cause others to act, or react, vehemently? Indeed, beloved friends – yes! But remember this: the Holy Spirit’s guidance is not what is causing another to react vehemently. Their own mind causes that, because they are not committed to healing and to Love. Any reaction that is not the extension of Love must be fear, and nothing else. Any form of attack or judgment can come only from fear, and not from Love.

Therefore, when I felt guided to approach the moneychangers in front of my Father’s holy temple, I was not guided to say: Excuse me, could we have a slight conference here? I would like to express a slight opinion, and of course, you’re totally free to do what you will, because you’re actually very powerful, rich beings and I am just a lonely Essene. But if you’d just give me a minute, I’d just like to share my thought.

No. I was guided to move with great power, to literally act in the ways that some would call violence – not that I hurt anybody, but I overturned their tables and I yelled deeply that, “You have made my Father’s house a den of thieves!”

Now, that got their attention. Why? Because the Holy Spirit saw that those minds engaged in those activities could respond only to a powerful energy, since they idolized power, itself. They were always putting themselves in the position of having more power than the people who came to the temple. So, what was required was someone who put themselves in a greater source of power and demonstrated that the moneychangers were not as powerful as they thought. They couldn’t imagine, before that moment, that anybody would upset their apple cart. But through that act, it began to create what you might call a rattle in their mind and their being as their reality was shaken up a bit. And some of them began to ponder what it was that they were doing with their lives.

Now, if I was attached to my own safety, if I was attached to being liked, I would not have allowed that expression of the Holy Spirit to be made manifest. And that is what far too many in your world tend to do: Oh, if I say what just came to my mind, I may not be liked. But I’m really committed to being liked, while pretending to live a spiritual life. But indeed, beloved friend, the way of Atonement, the way of service, is not a popularity contest.

Therefore, indeed, precious friend, understand well, you have no idea what your brother or sister needs – from a gentle kiss on the cheek to a swift kick in the ass. But if you are committed to Love, to innocence, to freedom, to trust, and if you choose to access the perfect freedom of your channel of communion with God, and not to react from the egoic mind, then you will be guided as you need to be. And as you choose to fulfill that purpose, you have fulfilled your own pathway into the depths of knowing God.

So, yes, the Holy Spirit is not a namby-pamby, strawberry jelly kind of energy. The Holy Spirit is committed to one thing: the Atonement. The Atonement occurs when illusions are shattered. The Holy Spirit knows what is required. And what is required may not always, shall we say, meet the approval of the social world in which you find yourself. But those afraid to rattle the cages of others are simply afraid. This means they run their life by fear and are more committed to their comfort or safety, which is to be committed to the insanity of the ego, and not to the freedom of Christed Consciousness.

Does that help with that question?

Response: Very much so.

Jeshua: Now, I’m not saying there is not an art involved in that. The degree to which you enact the suggestion of the Holy Spirit comes from your willingness to save not one love for yourself – to be unattached, to recognize that you are the student of the Holy Spirit. You see? Which is, of course, the cultivation of self-love.

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Questions & Answers from The Way of Mastery Series # 37

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